How to run a local iPerf3 speed test server on Synology NAS in Docker

This is a guide for running an iPerf3 server on a Synology NAS in a Docker container to easily test local network connection speeds.

This guide is up to date and working as of 5/11/2020.

This guide was written using a Synology DS1019+ running DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 6.

1. Connect to your Synology NAS.

2. Install Docker from the package center


3. open Docker

4. Click on Registry and in the searchbar type networkstatic

5. Click on networkstatic/iperf3 then above that click on Download


6. On the left sidebar click on Image

7. Select networkstatic/iperf3:latest and above it click on Launch


8. Give your Docker container a name. In this example it will be iPerf3


9. Now click on Advanced Settings

10. Check the box Enable Auto-restart. This restart the Docker container automatically should it crash or if the NAS is restarted.


11. Click on the Network tab at the top

12. In the network tab near the bottom, check the box Use same network as Docker host 


13. Click on the Environment tab

14. In the command text box enter -s This will launch iPerf3 as a server


15. Click on Apply, then Next and then Apply again.

16. The iPerf3 server will now start

To run a speed test, use another computer or a phone(There are iperf3 apps in the app store) connected to your local network.

On PC/Mac, download the iperf3 client, open a command line/terminal window in the same folder where the iperf3 client is and enter the command ./iperf3 -c [ipaddress of your nas]

For example, on my network the command is ./iperf3 -c

The network test should now start.

Note: By default, iPerf3 runs on port 5201.