How to get into the LG OLED HDMI diagnostics menu

This guide will cover how to access the LG diagnostics and information menu. This requires entering a secret key combination on the TV remote.

This has been confirmed working on:

  • LG 2017 OLED
  • LG 2018 OLED
  • LG 2019 OLED
  • LG 2020 OLED

How to access the HDMI diagnostics menu

  1. Open the settings of the TV by pressing on the gear icon on the remote
  2. Highlight or move the pointer over the All Settings option and open all settings
  3. Select the Channels option
  4. Move the pointer or highlight Channel Tunning
  5. Press the 1 key on the remote five times quickly

After a moment, the HDMI diagnostics menu will open.